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Ways to Connect Your Community With Ours

Do you love the work we're doing at Micah House? Do you want your church, school, or workplace to be invested in our mission? Here are some ways you can engage with us:

• Invite Scott, our executive director, to present briefly, or deliver a full 20-minute message.

This can be delivered to the church body, youth group, small group, missions team, bible study, or club, or whoever is interested.

• Online presentations can also include guest appearances or videos featuring former residents. Someone who used to live at Micah House can tell their story and take some questions.

• You can prepare and deliver a delicious Saturday morning brunch for the residents. This would be a one-time event and not ongoing.

• Create a team or teams to raise funds at the annual Ride for Refuge in October. Teams and individuals no longer need to ride a bicycle. You can do virtually do anything to raise funds (we have had people grow beards, sell baking, read books, and more - as well as ride a bicycle or hike a trail).

• Submit a blog entry on your experiences with newcomers or with Micah House. You can email us using our contact form.

• Micah House can host a group conversation about welcoming the stranger, interacting with your Muslim neighbour, or becoming culturally aware and sensitive.

• If the current health regulations permit it, a church or organization could host a small outdoor barbecue for the Micah House residents.

• There are a few projects a group could take on at their expense. Tear down and rebuild our front porch (the decking), re-landscape the front yard, tear down the current fire escape structure (and perhaps build a new one).

• Join us at our weekly prayer meeting. This will start again with the warmer weather, by the end of April, and is in person, on the front porch, every Wednesday at 11:30 a.m.

• Sign up for our monthly, confidential prayer letter! Even better, solicit sign-ups in your community. Can you encourage 50 people to sign up? Submit your email in the yellow bar below to receive our next update.

We also welcome your ideas for other ways to engage, so please reach out to us anytime. Thank you!

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