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Disc Golf Tournament - June 18

You are invited to our first annual disc golf tournament! Here are the details.

  • June 18th @ the Hamilton District Christian High School (92 Glancaster Road)

  • Tee off time is 9:30 AM

  • You will play three rounds of a 12-hole course (36 holes in total).

  • You will register as a team of two, and we will play best-disc on every throw. In other words, this is a doubles tournament.

  • New and experienced players are welcome but please note...

This is not a PDGA sanctioned event.

This is a short course.

Its a great opportunity to get a tournament experience for those who are new

to the game.

There are prizes but the nature of this event is fun.

  • The cost is $50 per player OR if you become a $10/monthly supporter of Micah House we waive the $50 fee altogether.

  • Your registration includes...

A golf disc.


Light lunch.

AND a $25 tax receipt.

Plenty of onsite parking.

Come early and practice your putts and throws.


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