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Update - July 2, 2021 "Introducing our newest...assistant."

Usually the residents get to the Bayfront or some similar place in order to enjoy the fireworks on Canada Day. Naturally, none of that happened this year but it is really encouraging that things are slowly opening up!

Micah House is keeping pace with the rules and regulations about capacity and traffic and one of our new helpers moving us toward something 'normal' is our hand-washing station!

Micah House receives volunteer meal teams every night of the week. Teams provide the dinner meal, but more than that, they provide connection, friendship and encouragement to every resident. It all takes place 'around the table.' We have dearly missed our Meal Host Teams because we cannot have volunteers in the house while covid is still a threat. The nice weather, a great back yard and the hand-washing station now mean that Meal Host Teams can join back in the meal instead of just dropping it off at the door.

Its still weather dependent, comfort dependent and completely up to the teams to decide for themselves. But a back yard dinner meal is now a possibility!

If your Meal Host Team wants to give this a try we will set up the tables (so you can sit with plenty of space) and have our new 'assistant' at the ready!


We have 5 people in the house. Including our wonderful live-in staff member, Feona, its a total of 6. If you are brining a meal please remember that we cannot serve pork products.

Please keep the meal simple. If residents would like to add sauces and spices they can do that on their own.

Other than that, we are looking forward to what the summer brings. We are planning several smaller picnic events in place of one large event.

We are also hard at work promoting the 2021 Ride for Refuge. We would LOVE to have you join us in support of the newly arrived refugee claimants we serve in this ministry. You can join a team, or form one of your own, or sponsor a participant! We have a pretty ambitious goal but feel secure that this community can ride to the occasion (see what I did there?).

Peace to you!

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