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Two Updates for your St. Pat's Day

I always marvel at how busy things can be in this unusual season but on the other hand, we have all adapted by now and are pressing on with as much normalcy as we can muster. The newest Micah House program, the Refugee Hearing Program, is growing beyond our expectations, for example. Its a pilot we agreed to oversee that originates from a sister ministry in Toronto. Our role is to provide the program for the rest of the Province and we are receiving applicants from Ottawa, Windsor, Oshawa, Kitchener, Sudbury (and even two from Edmonton!). If there's been any bumps so far, its that we have almost more than we can handle. But, we have been graced with an incredible and growing team of passionate volunteers and they are working hard to take on as much as they can.

Since this program is solely virtual, its one of only a few that we can recruit volunteers for at this time.

Another update: the City of Hamilton has generously provided Micah House with funding for COVID related items and PPE. We now have a hand-washing station, a HEPA air filter system and a lot of cleaning supply. Additionally, the United Way, via our friends at the Refuge Health Clinic, has provided us with boxes of masks and hand sanitizer.

We are grateful to this community working as a team to bless newcomers to Hamilton!


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