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Tuxedos Optional

After a great deal of consideration and planning we are thrilled to announce the 2020 Micah House Banquet! As you would have guessed, we are using online delivery to bring you a blend of live and pre-recorded music, interviews and more.

What's NOT online is the food! Yes, there's still food!

We want you to enjoy the fullest experience possible so make your generous donation and we will deliver a delicious, locally prepared ready-to-make soup for you to easily pull together. Follow the easy instructions, add any choice of meat you prefer or leave it vegetarian. But that's not all. Follow that with an authentic Liberian dessert prepared lovingly in the Micah House kitchen by our own Feona Johnson.

We hope you will feel encouraged. We hope you will feel connected. We hope you will feel inspired.

Together let's raise $15,000 for this established, effective ministry that ensures everyone who comes through the Micah House doors is loved and supported with excellence.

Follow this link to register on our page at Eventbrite. Or, call us at 905-296-4387 extension #1 and we will register you from the office.

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