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Our Amazing Meal Hosts

I am quick to admit that I thought the worst of the pandemic would have blown over by now.

Sure, we've all reconciled that this is something that will heretofore be among us (viruses don't actually ever go away) but it didn't seem far-fetched to hope that after a year we would have better control over it.

I'm reminded of this each week, specifically when I write updates to our genuinely precious Meal Hosts and Meal Host Teams. I can say without irony that they are a model of patience. They continue to give, and to give creatively and selflessly. I have asked for their continued patience because I know their heart. I know they signed on so they could meet people, enjoy people and find mutual blessing in that connection. It saddens me that this has been taken from them but my prayer is that at some point in 2021 they will be back inside 205 Holton, bringing life and grace and peace to this place.

Thanks to them and to all of our volunteers who are quietly waiting for the call.


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