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How you see the path ahead...

After months of reflection, surveys, prayer, focus group feedback and overall discussion with our key stakeholders & leadership Micah House has a vision statement that captures the imagination and provides significant energy for what's to come.

We hope "to see every refugee claimant in our city flourish."

Over the next few weeks lets spend some time together unpacking the terminology, and we'll begin today by putting the word "every" under the microscope.

Can Micah House actually engage every refugee claimant who arrives in Hamilton? We would be honoured to somehow participate in the journey of each person, and perhaps things will develop in that way. However, what's behind "every" includes the acknowledgment and strong endorsement of one of our values, namely partnership.

Its important to understand that this vision includes you. We connect with some other local agencies, a few dozen churches, a cross-section of lawyers and more - all of whom have refugee claimants on their radar and each of whom we hope will be open to deeper and more fruitful partnerships on behalf of those we are blessed to serve.

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