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Annual Banquet a Success. What's Next?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Things have changed around us so we will change some things within.

The content of our 2019 autumn banquet is still resonating with me and I know that to be true of others as well. Many of us were touched by Kent Annan's message about 'holy ground' and hopefully some will also remember my vision of a 'bigger boat.'

(for comments on the 'bigger boat' see the appropriate BLOG entry)

“If I'm with someone who speaks about a foreigner with a slur that I let go uncorrected, I slide a little further toward not seeing people as I should." -Kent Annan ("You Welcomed Me")

Will there be an alternative in 2020?

It's very unlikely there will be a banquet in the autumn of 2020. This is the kind of decision that we can't make a month or two prior, so like other ministries trying to plot out their programming calendar, we need to be wise managers. Instead, we are at work redesigning for smaller group gatherings that will have virtually the same content but superior opportunities for interaction. Keep your eyes on our newly redesigned social-media spaces for formal announcements coming soon!

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