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My Time at Micah House

As you may have read in my previous article (A Hello from Maddie), I had the honour to work at Micah House for the summer. As today is my last day, I thought I would share a couple words.

I have learned so much from these past few months working at Micah House, both in regards to my personal education and with my faith. I had the chance to talk to so many past and present residents and I was able to hear their stories about Micah House. Each person I heard from had the most heartwarming things to say about their Micah House experience and many would go on to share their stories of the amazing way Micah House helped them settle into Canada and bring God into their lives. I also had the privilege to work with some of the best people. The Micah House team are very kind and compassionate people and truly have a calling for what they are doing and how they are serving the Lord, these are my words and words of many past and present residents. Through the past few months I spent at Micah House; I was amazed to see the incredible ways that God is working through so many different lives. Seeing and hearing the way people grow from when they arrive in Canada because of Micah House is a blessing in itself.

Now I am going back to school and I pray for health and wellness for everybody a part of the Micah House family.

Maddie Zavarise :)

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