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Staff News

There's been a surprising amount of movement.

There have been three changes of note, and we feel badly because under normal circumstances we would recognize and celebrate the contributions of those who have moved on from years' of outstanding and sacrificial service with refugees at Micah House.

We are so thankful for our staff: the faithful friends and the brand new additions

Joanne Kater - Administrator

Joanne joined the staff in 2010 after years volunteering as a Meal Host with her husband, Hans. Joanne stepped aside so she could spend more time with her family, and in particular, her growing number of grandchildren. She remains on the sidelines ready to help ensure good continuity with all our balancing and receipting. We already miss you, Joanne!

Joan Thiessen - Bookkeeper

There remains a handful of people who have been around since Micah House first opened its doors in May 2006, and Joan is one of them. A recent need to give a nod toward her health caused a premature exit for Joan, but like Joanne, she remains active and available behind the scenes. Joan thank you for years of dedication and hard work!

Maddie Zavarise - Communications Coordinator

Maddie is a Humber student who'll be with us for the summer making sure we develop better and better online communication with you. You might be hearing from her as she reaches out to learn about how you've engaged with Micah House over the years. In any case you'll see her work through our Youtube channel, facebook page, MailChimp or other. Welcome, Maddie!

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