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Hello from Maddie

Hello! My name is Maddie Zavarise and I am the newest edition to the Micah House staff with my role as the Summer Student Communications Coordinator. In the fall, I will be going into my second year at Humber College in the Bachelors of Digital Communication program.

I am new to working with refugees as my talents are towards the Social and Digital media side of things here at Micah House. At my time at Micah House, I have interviewed past and present residents and edited videos to share their stories. I have also created Facebook posts and sent emails on behalf of Micah House to churches promoting events such as “Ride for Refuge” and colleges to recruit a fall intern.

I have been a part of the Micah House team for just over 2 weeks and I am already grateful for everyone I have met and everything I have learned. The staff have been so welcoming to me as I joined their team. Each of them took their time to personally reach out to me in a warm and welcoming way. My skills also continue to grow as I work here and I am excited to use them to help support Micah House any way that I can. I also had a chance to connect with some of the current residents. They have been great to talk to and I have already begun building connections with them.

I am here until the end of August and I trust that God will use my knowledge and skills to guide my work and support here at Micah House.

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