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Vaccines for All

Despite COVID-19 you may or may not be aware that refugee claimants are still arriving in Canada. True, our borders are "mostly" shut and the flow of refugee claimants is a trickle but they are still coming. For one, I am pleased about that. I'm sure that's no surprise.

Refugee claimants need us, and here's the thing, we need them.

If the argument was ONLY pragmatic then we can lean on the fact that newcomers of all stripes play a major role in driving the Canadian economy. But its more than dollars and sense to me, and if you are reading this, I suspect you share that opinion.

So lets treat our newly arrived refugee claimant population the best we can. Lets treat them the way we would want to be treated (sound familiar?). One of those indicators can now be measured in cc's. Are we willing to share our precious supply of vaccine? I hope so. Have your say and click here.

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